Zuzka Doig

Zuzka was born in Prague, Czech Republic. She moved to London in 1998 and after several years of commercial experience decided to pursue a career in ceramics. After graduation from Camberwell College of Arts she set up a small studio in North London producing her early works and discovering the possibillities of this incredible material. As unexpected as life is the opportunity arrived to spend a year in New York and work as a Studio Assistant to Jeffrey Mongrain at Hunter's College, NYC. After several more moves and an entry into motherhood she finally settled in the Kent countryside to further pursue her love with clay.

"I have always been drawn to nature and the environment that surrounds us. Whether it's a stroll through a woodland or a walk in the city, there is a constant flow of inspiration from a variety of things - unusual structures, natural or man-made objects, intriguing textures and colours. Each of my handbuilt pieces is unique and often goes through several firings to achieve the right colour and tactility. In my functional and decorational pieces I am constantly exploring simplicity and how it manifests itself within the beautifull textures, repeated markings and colours of nature."